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    Deadline by Mira Grant. Book review

    25/06/2011 // 0 Comments

    Deadline by Mira Grant. Orbit '7.99

    Reviewed by Jenny Barber

    After the shocking events of Feed, Deadline picks up with Shaun Mason and his band of intrepid bloggers as they get dragged into a new set of troubles thanks to the faked-her-own-death scientist that turns up on their doorstep. There's something hinky going on at the Centre for Disease Control, something to do with the zombies that roam the land and a lethal conspiracy that's going to create some significant changes to all their lives. If they can survive the cover ups, the mad scientists and the persistent threat of a mutating virus that still has a few more surprises, that is'

    Grant has created a fully realised world that's completely believable, filled with fascinating technical detail that doesn't overdo it and characters so well drawn that the story successfully wrenches deep emotional reactions out of even the most cynical reader. And that's before you get to the action packed plot, which is, quite frankly, made of awesome. 

    There are eye-popping plot twists that keep springing up to hook you and drag you further into the carnage. There are constant and evolving threats that leave everyone's continued existence in doubt. There's mad science and madder scientists and ever-deepening conspiracies and political shenanigans and dodgy genetic engineering and clones and zombies ' and ' and ' dear God, people, what is not to love about this book. It's glorious! Always compelling, by turns terrifying and tragic, and with an ending that's so evil that waiting for the next one becomes a torment, Deadline is a definite must-read.

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    Polluto #2


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