Writing Groups

In my survey and article Calling Up The Groups (published in BFS Journal 16), I set out many of the benefits of belonging to a writing group. Further to that piece, I have now put together this resource – a list of writing groups run by BFS members or associates.

All information is correct at time of going to press (September 2017). If you have any amendments, comments or updates to offer – or if you know of a group not listed here – please get in touch with me via email: projects@britishfantasysociety.org

These are brief notes and contact addresses for each group. Please make any enquiries direct to the person or organisation listed, not via me! (Except for Clockhouse London Writers – which is run by me). Good luck – Allen

Regular Groups

The T Party
Active, participatory group based in London and South East.
Web: https://tpartywriters.wordpress.com/members/becoming-a-member/
Or send an enquiry via their web page: https://tpartywriters.wordpress.com/contact/email-us/

Middle Oak
Smaller, more personal participatory writing group based in Barnet, Greater London. Send an enquiry to Sandra Unerman on sandraunerman@gmail.com

Participatory group based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
Website: http://www.northwriteSF.com
All enquiries to Jacey Bedford: jacey@jaceybedford.co.uk

Milford SF Writers’ Conference
Annual, high-quality critiquing / networking residential week. British version of “Clarion”.
Web: http://www.milfordSF.co.uk
Or email Jacey Bedford on: jacey@jaceybedford.co.uk

Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle
Critiquing, participatory group based in… Glasgow!
Enquiries to: glasgowsfwriters@gsfwc.co.uk

Renegade Writers
Participatory, critiquing group based in Newcastle-under-Lyme
Renegade Writers website: https://renegadewriters.wordpress.com/
Contact Peter Coleborn on: renewriters@gmail.com

The Speculators
Based in Leicester. Critiquing and writing.
Website: https://leicesterspeculators.wordpress.com/about/ 
Address all membership and attendance enquiries to Selina Lock on: selina.lock@googlemail.com

Clockhouse London Writers
Participatory writing group based in north London. Meets monthly.
Website: http://clockhouselondonwriters.wordpress.com/
Contact Allen Ashley on: clockhouselondonwriters@hotmail.co.uk

Cannon Hill Writers’ Group
Critiquing and workshop group based in Birmingham.
Web address is: https://cannonhillwriters.wordpress.com 
Contact Pauline Morgan on: Pauline@PandCMorgan.demon.co.uk

Chalk Scribblers
Meets in Costa Belsize Park, London every Saturday from 10am. Friendly, welcoming, active writing group. Suitable for all levels. Free. Enquiries to: David: cockburndj@gmail.com or Olga: design.green@gmail.com

Orbit groups
Online critiquing / mentoring SF groups overseen by Ms Terry Jackman.
Contact Terry Jackman on Terry@terryjackman.co.uk

Vale Royal Writers
Active, participatory, friendly group based near Northwich, mid-Cheshire.
Meets first Monday each month 7.30pm to 10pm. £10 year membership + £1 per evening. Enquiries to Bob Barker (chair) on info@vrwg.co.uk
Or check out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ValeRoyalWritersGroup/

Courses and Cumulative Workshops

University of Bedford
The Creative Writing degree option at the University of Bedfordshire based in Luton offers several genre modules such as “Writing Horror and Dark Fantasy”.
Contact Lesley McKenna on: lesley.mckenna@beds.ac.uk

The Writers’ Greenhouse
Based in Oxford. Run by Megan Kerr. Offers several term-length participatory courses in genre fiction such as “Story Elements”.
The Writers’ Greenhouse website: http://www.thewritersgreenhouse.co.uk/
Contact Megan Kerr on: megan@thewritersgreenhouse.co.uk

Allen Ashley
November 2017